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Only model FLW-16 still available - all other models are sold out!


FlexibleLoveFlexibleLove – the joy of sitting

“Since I know you, I realized what I’ve been missing for my whole life”

With FlexibleLove, the flexible designer sofa with its eco-look, it is love at first sight. Smart and good-looking, authentic but somehow different: A unique eye catcher that outshines everything else.

Smart as nature and so cushy!

As a real natural piece of furniture, FlexibleLove consists of paper and wood – for that reason it is not just 100 percent recyclable, but also an optical highlight! Because of its strong honeycombed structure, the eco-sofa remains in shape for many years and is a comfortable seating. FlexibleLove is a perfect match that anticipates its owners every wish. For this, FlexibleLove accepts a lot and adjusts to every situation in life.

The most flexible designer sofa in the world

Either a cuddly time with your partner or a festive evening with many guests – your new love amazes with perfect flexibility. Within seconds, the sustainable, accordion-like looking sofa becomes a super-king-sized-seating that – depending on the model – offers a place to sit for 8 to 16 people. You love the difference? How about zig-zag, wiggly lines or a circle around a pillar? FlexibleLove likes to bend itself for your wishes! You find more alluring details on the smart paper-made furniture on this page.

Just fall in love!