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Are there any questions left?

FlexibleLove is a unique natural product that consists of nothing but recyclable paper and wood. As we want your love to your new designer sofa to last for a long time, we collected a lot of helpful tips how to use and care for your own FlexibleLove. If there is any question that is not answered here, please feel free to contact us.


The most important questions and answers about FlexibleLove:

Which materials were used to produce FlexibleLove?

FlexibleLove consists of recyclable paper and wood; so it can be recycled completely. The Earth-models are already made of recycled paper. If your love ends and you like to dump FlexibleLove someday, please follow the local provisions.

How resilient is the natural material?

The unique honeycombed structure and the high paper quality create a very strong piece of natural furniture. Every model is laid-out to a specific number of long- or short-term users. You can find this information in the product instructions that need to be followed wisely. Please do not place any objects on the paper-made sofa and exclusively use it as seating furniture. Jumping, standing and walking on the sofa can cause damages – so do sharp items such as knifes or excessive pulling and faulting. Please do not extend FlexibleLove to more than the given maximum length; this may induce deformations or further damages. It is normal and intended that FlexibleLove shows traces of use. This is what makes our flexible natural sofas a personal, unique specimen.

How does FlexibleLove react on fire and water?

FlexibleLove is made of paper and therefore combustible. That means: Keep the furniture away from heat sources, open fire, cigarettes, direct sunlight and high temperatures. It is sensitive to rain, strong breeze and high humidity, so it should only be used in sufficiently vented rooms.

Does FlexibleLove demand a great deal of the floor cover?

Please arrange the eco-sofa on a plain ground. If you like to use the paper-made sofa on a wooden floor, we recommend placing a carpet under it. On glossy floor the restoring force of the paper are exceptionally high. The maximum length can be reached only on a slip-resistant surface (carpet or carpeted floor).

What needs to be considered when cleaning and maintaining the designer sofa?

To remove dust from the paper combs, it is easy to use a vacuum cleaner. Spots on the side frames should be erased with a soft cloth. The usage of cleaners with benzine, solvent, oil, kerosine, alcohol or salt is not allowed.

How do transport and installation look like?

The paper made sofa should be transported and moved when not extended. Please carry it with both hands. When you use FlexibleLove for the first time, you need to extend it to its maximum length. The easiest way is to let one person sit down at each end for about three to five minutes – have a nice talk while waiting. Repeat this procedure five to six times so that your sofa can reach the full length. Now you can use FlexibleLove in your favourite length and position. You want to use your sofa in a shorter position? Just fold it up, lay it on one side frame and put a heavy item on it. The more often you use the sofa, the longer it will take to return to its minimum size.

Why is it important to follow these instructions?

Just like you, we want you to have a long and happy time with your FlexibleLove. These instructions help you to achieve it. Furthermore, a wrong handling or impermissible modifications induce the loss of warranty.

Is it possible to give FlexibleLove back?

Please check the condition of FlexibleLove immediately after opening the parcel in a professional way. Only in case of legitimate complaints that are reported immediately, it is possible to give the product back. Attention: If you sat down on FlexibleLove once, you leave traces of use and the sofa cannot be returned!